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Unlock you vehicles full potential with our expert DPF (diesel particulate filter) and carbon cleaning service. If you're facing warning lights on your dash, poor acceleration, reduced fuel efficiency or contemplating DPF replacements, we have the solution. 

Revitalise you're vehicles performance and keep it running smoothly with our DPF cleaning and carbon cleaning services. Our expert team specialises in thoroughly cleaning and regeneration, ensuring your vehicle runs like new. Say goodbye to costly replacement and hello to restored power, improved fuel economy, and a greener, more efficient drive. Don't let clogged DFP hold you back. Call us now to schedule your DPF service and experience the difference today. 


  • Carbon clean

  • Diagnostic

  • Fuel treatment


  • DPF clean

  • Diagnostic

  • Fuel treatment

  • Sensor's cleaned 


  • Carbon clean

  • DPF clean

  • Diagnostic 

  • Fuel treatment

  • Forced regeneration

  • Sensor's cleaned

What is a DPF and Carbon Clean?

Think of a carbon clean as a spar day for your engine. Our machine creates a Oxy-Hydrogen Gas, this gas is then sent into your engine through a tube. What's the result? Reduced harmful emissions, increased fuel efficiency and hefty repair bills. When your engine accumulates too much carbon junk, it can cause trouble for parts like EGR valves, DPFs, turbos and injectors. 

Now let's talk about DPFs. They capture and store the nasty stuff from your car's exhaust to keep the environment clean. But, over time they can get clogged up, making your car less efficient and more polluting. 

So, what's a DPF clean? We give your DPF a thorough cleanse using a special techniques, like high-temperature treatments, to burn off all that trapped junk. This makes your DPF work like new again, improving your car's performance and reducing emissions. Regular DPF clean services can save you from costly DPF replacement and keep your vehicle running efficiently while being kinder to the environment. Don't wait, book your DPF service today for a better performing, eco-friendly ride. 

Benefits of our DPF and Carbon Clean service

  • Restore lost power

  • Reduced costly carbon-related repairs 

  • Improved acceleration 

  • Quieter engine operation

  • Prolong engine life

  • Increase fuel efficiency (MPGs)

  • Comprehensive DPF diagnostics

  • Enhanced fuel efficiency  

  • Improved power and horsepower

  • Reduced vehicle downtime

  • Extended DPF lifespan

  • Lowered maintenance expenses

  • Optimised DPF functionality 

  • Substantial savings on expensive replacments

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