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Brake Calipers

Car Brakes Checks & Replacement

Elevate your driving experience with our brake checks and replacement service! At TRS, we specialise in ensuring your brakes are in prime condition for a safe and smooth ride. Whether it's routine maintenance or a complete brake replacement, our skilled technicians have you covered. Don't compromise on safety – call us now to schedule your brake service and experience the difference. Drive confidently with TRS.

When is a Car Brake Inspection Necessary?

Identifying potential brake problems early can prevent safety hazards. Look out for these signs:

  • Grinding: If you hear a grinding noise, it may indicate heavily worn brake pads, potentially damaging the brake disc.

  • Squeaking: Squealing brakes could signal a stuck caliper or worn brake pads, requiring prompt attention.

  • Pulsating: A continuous pulsating brake pedal may suggest warped brake discs due to excessive heat, requiring inspection.

  • Pulling: If your car veers left or right when braking, a sticking component may be the culprit. An inspection can pinpoint the issue.

  • Sponginess: A spongy brake pedal may indicate air in the brake lines, affecting brake fluid flow and responsiveness.

  • Soft Brake Pedal: A limp brake pedal reaching the floor demands immediate inspection for potential braking system faults.

  • Dashboard Light: A brake warning light signals critically low brake fluid or possible brake hose leaks.

  • High Handbrake: An unusually high handbrake may require adjustment, especially if it exceeds 6 to 8 clicks.

  • Old Brake Fluid: Brake fluid over 2 years old may lose effectiveness due to moisture absorption. Regular fluid changes, approximately every two years, are recommended.

    For your safety, promptly schedule a vehicle inspection when any of these symptoms arise. To ensure your brakes are in optimal condition and drive with confidence call TRS today.

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